There is a magical place in northwestern Colorado known as the Elk Creek Ranch. Elk Creek Ranch sits in the White River Valley at the base of the Flat Tops Wilderness Area. Elk Creek Ranch has the finest dry fly-fishing rivers and streams in North America as the White River and Elk Creek meander their way through the ranch. It a sanctuary for America's largest resident elk herd, bald eagles, wild turkey, grouse, mule deer, bear, beaver, mountain lion, moose … and big trout. Operated for seventeen years as a carefully managed fishing and hunting lodge, Elk Creek has been transformed into a spectacular shared ranch community of extraordinary quality. Sixty-five stunning cabin sites have been carefully planned on 2,850 acres, providing for ninety-eight percent of the ranch to be preserved as common area open space.

Known to serious anglers as offering the finest dry fly-fishing in North America, Elk Creek Ranch boasts a fishing and hunting resource that is beyond compare. Careful stewardship of the land over multi-generations has yielded a superior habitat where rainbow trout, brown trout, brook trout and cutthroat trout thrive in abundance. Prolific caddis, mayfly, stonefly and midge hatches ensure that hungry trout are looking up for the take. The late-summer and fall terrestrial fishing is legendary.

A spectacular village has been created in the heart of Elk Creek Ranch at the confluence of the free stone White River and the spring creek fishery of Elk Creek. Twelve lakes, encompassing over thirty surface acres, have been created in the river bottom, all interconnected by waterways and water features. The lakes provide not only a grand expanse of visual beauty, but also excellent habitat for waterfowl and growing trout, a serene backdrop for cabin sites, and a peaceful place to wet a line and have an evening float.

In addition to the 2,850 deeded acres of Elk Creek Ranch, the Owners Association has sixty year leases on two additional related ranches - a hunting and fishing lease on the 4,200 acre K/K Ranch, and a fishing lease on the 4,800 acre YZ Ranch. In combination, these ranches offer over twenty miles of diverse fly-fishing habitat on the White River and along Elk Creek. Whether it is the big and spectacular main stem of the White River, the slow-moving "stillwater" of the upper South Fork, or the intimate and technical Elk Creek itself, the magnitude and quality of the fishing resource are unparalleled. The fishing and hunting resource owned and controlled by Elk Creek Ranch is unequalled and the commitment to habitat protection and conscientious stewardship is resolute.

We invite you to spend some time at Elk Creek Ranch - for an unforgettable day of angling, for gourmet cuisine, for elegant western ambiance, and for an experience like none you have had before.

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